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In this world all living being have born to live their lives but some of them are most harmful and destructive. They can damage beyond your expectation. The pests are small in size but the damage caused by them may give you an economical shock. Before they bring you in such condition, initiation of pest control is the only way to keep mind peaceful. Pests in the workplace can cause a great deal of disruption, reducing productivity and creating unnecessary distractions. Pests can also damage your office, electrical wiring, computer equipment, and products stored on site.

Our technical officers are well experienced and they work to control the pest keeping in mind our slogan “green cargo…green world”.

   Termite Control
Termites cause a tremendous amount of damage to wood structures in this country. Several species of termites can damage the papers, under ground wiring, and floor. Our experts perform the Liquid treatments in a well recognized manner. We not only control the termite but also prevent them to generate again by the treatment on their entry point. We carryout the termite control with the latest technique.
   Bug Control
It is important to note that bugs does not transmit the disease but they can harm in the form of Customer / tenant being bitten, reputation of your business, Customer / tenant anxiety over bed bugs. Our experts verify presence of bed bugs by keen eyes and treat them from roots and eliminate your mental pain.
   Cockroach Control
The cockroaches are the most common pest which found in almost all residence area. They can harm your food products by touching them and transmitting the foreign contamination in food products. They walk through edible product and transfer the bacteria into edible items. Our experts treat the cockroaches and continue inspect and monitor using monitoring materials.
   Lizard Control
We are offering our noted clients Lizard control Services. Years of experience facilitates us to offer complete solution for the Lizard control in an efficient manner. We are extensively commended for the effectual and steadfast services. Further, we not only confiscate the lizards from the grimy area but also make certain our clients for the preclusion of re occurrence of the lizards. These services can be availed at cost effective rates.
   Rodent Control
Rodents are known to spread infections such as Salmonella and Weil's disease. They damage to stock and buildings and leave contamination in foodstuffs and goods. They damage the goods, foodstuffs and your health and hygiene reputation. Our qualified rodent control team removes them by using Rodenticides and Entrapping. They monitor the schedule treatment prevent further outbreaks.
   Bird Control
Birds create major health and sanitation concerns when present on or around structures. Not only do they carry disease, but droppings can easily cause structural damage and contaminate products. The main pest bird species are Pigeons, House Sparrow. Our experts use the exclusion techniques, including netting, spikes, ledge modifications, etc to control the birds and provide you a clean house and business places.
   Insect Control
Many insects become a pest concern only when they enter a structure, whether due to accidental entry or seasonal changes. We call such pests “occasional invaders”.
Occasional invaders can be easily dealt with, typically by minor structural modifications (ie. installing a door sweep or screen). In some cases, application of pest management materials and/or monitoring traps may be used. We provide such insect control treatment best in industry.
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